All Things Geek

Geek is my ethnic group.  This is something that has defined me almost as much as real life has.  When your mind is expansive and imaginative and the world just seems too small, too easy, or too boring, geek culture is the ultimate escape.  In there you can break the laws of physics, combat the forces of evil and (if you are very wise) learn the lessons that will help you in the biggest and most complex video game there is: real life.

Here I will discuss those things that I am especially enchanted, incited, revolted and entranced by. Hopefully you as a reader will find some of what I talk about to be worthy of investigating yourself, or maybe you will, like my dear wife, shake your head, shrug, and wonder why this guy is such a nut case.  Take heart, because unlike my dear wife (a geek gal of different but intersecting stripes to my own) you will not have to put up with me for 24/7.  If nothing else, I hope you find my musings entertaining.



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